Hotel by the Pristava lake

Hotel Šiker is the family’s newest addition. It is located in the unspoilt nature of the Šiker estate.

  • 10 beautiful rooms,
  • 200 m from the ŠIKER Restaurant,
  • gorgeous location,
  • sauna.

Socializing in the two hundred-year-old wine cellar

The restaurant was built on the foundations of the legendary arched wine cellar.

  • addition to socializing in the restaurant,
  • wine tastings,
  • literary evenings,
  • musical events.

Agricultural museum

Our grandfather Silvo has gathered a remarkable collection of old farming tools over the years

  • ethnological collection from the Slovenske gorice vineyards,
  • over 500 exhibits,
  • Parizer cart from 1859,
  • guided tours.

Roasted duck with red cabbage

In addition to our homemade and seasonal dishes, the famous Šiker roasted duck is always ready to be served. Especially during the St. Martin’s Day, only then it is accompanied by the goose, served with sweet red cabbage, juicy Slovenian pasta tatters and baked apple or pear.

Her majesty: Queen Šarlota (the Charlotte Royale cake)

When our grandmother Breda was only a fifteen-year-old school student, she made her first – »our« Charlotte Royale cake. Her dreams became a reality. It is so popular among our guests that we have been serving it for over fifty years.